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Take Control of Your Data

Is data management a headache for your business? Through EPI’s data solutions and artificial intelligence services, we can help you turn physical records into formatted data. Data management is tedious. With so many hours in a day, not everyone has the capacity to dig into all their digital and physical files. That is why we have developed a proprietary software system to handle the find, fix, and finish of transaction obligations.

Introducing Ensley Eagle Eye

EPI’s document analytics software. Eagle Eye will find provisions and obligations in leases, contracts and other agreements; fix obligations or compare data; and finish by delivering formatted data for system updates.

For over 30 years, our reputation has been built on providing quality services at excellent response times.

With our advanced data technology, your team will have a more thorough understanding of your documents through automated data extraction, sorting, and processing. Take control of your data and make the most informed decisions possible with EPI.


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